Friday, November 18, 2016

Adios amigos

Picture credits: Pinterest

This thought never surfaced when I was trolled, when there was a lull on my timeline or when the list of blocked people outnumbered the list of friends...

Most of my friends still have the time and energy for light, harmless banter online. And the wealth of knowledge I would be forgoing from brilliant groups will be a definite loss.

Have tried internet/ social media fasting. It only increased the craving. The thought of quitting would whither away with a notification beep and a white tick on a red square.

But the urge to quit is getting stronger by the day. Not backed by any time management / read-a-book-per-week goal or other such grandiose offline plans.

I want to make more real life conversations with listening as the agenda than stamping a 'like' or recording a 'comment' in an online thread.

Maybe I will read more, write more, go for a Sun walk. Just maybe. Especially the Sun walk.

None of my friends would believe if I said I want to spend more time in the kitchen, start baking my bread, or learn to swim 😇 with the sudden surplus hours on hand.

No. I am not shifting loyalties to Twitter or Instagram. The cap on word count scares me and my photographs are always grainy.

I will continue to have an online presence through my blogs, of course. Drop in readership though worries me 😟. ( Continue to be kind to me friends !)

Will continue to share the humble harvests and happenings of our little garden patch through my page  Sow What? and blog vijitablegarden .

My Page dedicated to the cause - Child sexual abuse, Ripples. Small pebble big waves. will continue to be till it gets converted into a blog.

My personal blog will be alive as long as my 'rant'ability and 'rant' appetite remain high. So I continue to be the  Most confused thing on two legs, And may be I will revive my travel blog Yatra!

( A true blue blogger aka Shameless blogger never misses an opportunity to promote it )

I enjoyed my time online. Made friends for keeps from a few forums. Hence this eulogy.
[No, I am not wiping away a secret tear now 😉.]

Aiyoh ! Face palm. I am unable to do this quietly. Addicted to attention, audience.

Precisely why I need to quit FB. Right NOW and HERE.

So relocating once again. This time to the real world.

Goodbye, Facebook. Goodbye, 2016.



Come back soon

Jayashree said...

A good decision, sometimes.. will miss you virtually !

Sathyam said...

Wish you a great time with real life. All the best for all your new endeavors!! :D