Saturday, June 4, 2016

Notes to myself and my teen

10. Please wish me with a hug and maybe a kiss before you text your wishes on my birthday.  My room is right next to your room you know and under the same roof.

9. Ditto for Mother's day, wedding anniversary and whenever your love and affection overflows or when you want to say sorry.

8. Try this.Make a tight ball out of your laundry and aim at the basket.I believe it works 99.99% of times.

7. We talk to you about being frugal all the time, but you don't have to wear the same sock for many days or different ones for each foot if you lose one.We can wash or even buy new ones and of course I am there always to come and search for the pairs that are right under your nose. You just have to yell for me!

6. I will remember to move away after a basic introduction to your friends and not crack jokes that embarrass you.

5. I am with you when you say adolescence has had bad press. Menopause too met with the same tragedy .

4. It is not easy trying to control my over-eating while I cater to yours.

3. I will not force you to wash your jeans. It is a promise. I will let you enjoy till it lasts.Just make sure you don't cut your skin while trying to you-know-what.

2. I will try not to discuss music with you -that strangely brings a war zone atmosphere in our home.

1. About reading habits. Mum is the word here too.

Please be patient with me. This thing called adolescence is new to me too.I don't think it existed when we were growing up, or maybe we had a different name for it.
And together we will strive to get over our comfort eating!



Well said. Can identify with most.
As for when you/we were growing up...... well, no one had the time or the inclination to pander to us. All the jobs done by machines now were done by hand and took that much longer. Moms just did not have time to pet their children, except feeding them and clothing them, and helping with their studies

Viji Ganesh said...

True that !

Mukundan Rajagopalan said...

The thing about wishing through sms or whatsapp. It really makes me wild even with reference to friends. People sending invitation by whatsapp and not even bothering to make a call when actually we are few floors away in office really puts you off. If it comes to own children I need not guess how heartburning it would be. Thats the life now. Unfortunate. Nice thoughts of yours.

Viji Ganesh said...

I get your emotion ! Thanks Mukund for reading and leaving a comment.

Mini Nayani said...

Hey Viji, a very insightful read indeed ... Don't we all go through with this at different stages? Rings a bell on many of your points. The jeans! Oh yes :-D My over eating ...they are so worried about my weight :-P Music!! of which genre? Its EDM all the way ...and reading when u have it all online! :-)

With all that we hit it off very well I must say :-D I love this passing phase as I recall few things that even I did during my college days ;-)

Love your write-ups laced with the right dose of humour. looking forward to more ...

Viji Ganesh said...

ha ha !Thank you Mini, for reading and leaving a comment. yes much as I want to crib I must admit that I enjoy this phase of growing up.