Monday, March 7, 2016


I need one of them to listen to the activists' anguish that threatens to engulf me. She is my Angel.

Another to bear the giggle bursts at silly stuff that would not appear half as humorous or laughable to others when narrated. My Bosom Pal.

Another to crib about having given up a career. She is my listening stone.

And then, the all-weather, amicable friend to share all and sundry. Be it my deepest passion or harmless gossip. My adorable Amigo.

The one to galavant and indulge in some retail therapy. She is my second self and God sent.

And the one who knows all about parenting and growing up with kids. My ace buddy.

One more who knows all about me. She is my alter ego.

That one ..who can tell me off when needed, may seem precocious at that moment but is the most precious. My Paisan.

The one who doesn't judge me at all but ready to defend me at all times.She is my gal Friday and a friend forever.

The one who loves me just the way I am. My mirror, my soul-mate.

The one and only one who also echoes my thought - that doing up the bed and folding the blankets, to be opened up and crumpled after a few hours is an unproductive chore. She is my ally, and I love her!

And the one with the sunny side up always spells hope and cheer. My offsider.

The one who barely tolerates me.She makes me comfortable in my skin and helps avoid shapeshifting.  My candor in-charge.

Not to forget the one who is there for the ROTFL moments.She is my Prozac.

The one who makes it unnecessary to look for enemies around. My Devil's advocate and a devil herself!

The Kishore da fan who is gracious about the 'Rafi'an in me!She is my G sharp and fundamental to my existence.

Angel. Bosom Pal. Listening stone. Adorable Amigo. Second self. Ace Buddy. Alter Ego. Paisan. Friend forever. Gal Friday. Soul-mate. Ally. Offsider. Candor in-charge. Prozac. Devil's advocate. My G-sharp.Need all of you all the time, my friends.You are my circle of confidence.

you know who you are!

It is never one, too many. 

Happy women's day, today and every day.

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Gayathri Ramesh said...

Viji Idhula naa yaaru ??? :P

Viji Ganesh said...

Gayathri, nominated under multiple category !