Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happily Married

Twenty years  and twenty pounds ago, I felt like I was just getting ready for a fancy dress competition and for sure didnt know what I was getting into - Especially in that unwieldy yardage called madisaar!

Twenty long years ( actually ,make it 22!  ). Two children, four house shifts, exciting, funny,laughter-filled, teary eyed, head spinning , wall banging  moments - looking back brings a smile and makes me feel good .

I owe all this to my DH, who has made a winner out of me in this fancy dress competition and ironically -without judging.

Here is an ode to my DH to tell him the things I do not like about him but which is what makes me  Love him abundantly. 

- Don't  be so patient with me. I need to improve and become efficient too. Quite irresponsible on your part, you know.

- Wish you were a bit more budget concious .. When I ask for something that I don't need you are supposed to say, " Dont you already have enough of that? " And not, " I think you should buy it ". This generosity of yours puts an additional burden on me of being finanacially responsible.

- You are a liar. I wish you would sometimes, at least, be honest and truthful and say the food wasn't good or that I need to shed some weight. Well, you don't have to be as honest as a mirror ..but staying close to truth would certainly help.

- You never give me a chance to apologise first. You Say sorry way too soon. Wish you would understand that it takes about 24 hours or more and several trips to the fridge before I cool down and realise it was all my fault.

- Memory . Please work on it. In the rare moments that I say 'sorry ' -you simply don't remember what I did or said.

- Don't pretend . As if our  stove top with spilt over milk from the previous day has an auto clean option . I know you do it ( know not when though .. ) as you know I hate waking up to a dirty stove top.

- Stop giving that charming smile . When I  dye your favourite shirt with my colour running kurta due to my careless laundry routines.

- Don't be so understanding .. Leaving the bill with the gift, lest I want to exchange.

But, please continue to snore while I am talking about my deepest passions or mundane nitty-gritty. Continue to put the clothes in the dryer -never mind if they aren't washed. And please continue to put the milk kept out for setting curd in the fridge as you do now unfailingly every day!  I see the intention -is to help. And immensely value that.

I can go thru several decades with you this way . Look back and Smile or give a Toothless grin . And I am sure you would say I look prettier than ever !

And just one last thing. Please read my blog without me having to coerce you into it. It won't kill you. I guarantee.
Did I say we are Happily married?

I am happy. He is married .


The love shines through. Written so warmly. Wish you many more happy anniversaries.
ranju raj said...
Love your style.. now I GOTTA meet this wonder kid called your DH.. did not knwo that they existed anymore;) Jokes apart, wish you many many more years of wedded bliss!
durga said...
God bless you both with more and more love, warmth and sweeter moments. Enjoyed reading, appreciate your sense of humour.
Viji Ganesh said...
Thanks for dropping by my page ! And keep visiting !
excellent sense of humour . Love the way you have narrated. I wish you both many more happy anniversaries.
Nalini Padmanabhan said...
Superb!Loved the underlying love and warmth tucked away in those humorous lines! Wish you both wonderful years ahead of togetherness
Chellappa said...
Viji, read your most confused thing on two legs..good one..your words are more than reality, reasonable. wonder, how you involved even in volatile things. So, I think To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and to be loved by the one you love, that is EVERYTHING. Never take love for granted.

admire the best one frankly, eventhough it is silly things, irrespective of age--this will also more helpful to love you better which give you best results for ever. Forget those things which eventhough hurt you very much and relax and take it as easy policy.
Wishing you a very Happy married life and wish you many more years of wedded bliss.by V. Chellappa.
Mukundan Rajagopalan said...
Hi viji amazing the way you pointed out the faults of my dear friend. What is the opposite of 'vanja pugazhchi ani'. That is praising someone like critising! Tamil scholars please note one expert is here. Hats off to you. Have many more years of happy anniversaries and needless to add, writing in your blog page. That's for our happiness. I enjoyed it to the core as always.

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