Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Soothing elevator music.Subtle, unobtrusive fragrance in the air.Everyone is quietly going about their work tip-toeing.Mouth covered. Hands gloved.

The sterile ,stainless steely environ makes my stomach an acid factory.

An assistant tried to get me into the treatment chair from the waiting lounge.But I wouldn't budge that easily. I asked to see and talk to the chosen one for me before I even got up from the chair. After all, it is a relationship that may have to last a while, and I needed to see the person before I said "Ï do".

The knowledge and comfort of living in a free country did little  to control the subconscious imagination of being dragged on my feet up to something that vaguely resembled an easy chair with the most uneasy looking contraptions.

As  I waited, all possible excuses were queuing up.

"I think I kept milk on the stove and forgot to turn off the gas ",
"I think I locked my husband in the bathroom by mistake "
"someone may be  calling me on my landline for an emergency ",
"I feel like throwing up", This has to work or,
"Oh, I just forgot to brush my teeth today."

Anything.Just anything to run away from that place.

But I have already used most of these excuses in the previous two appointments, except the husband locking idea. Today's brain wave. Good one, no?

And it was the same lady on duty that day. Though I heard, she is seriously looking for other jobs.

So I decided to be frank and admitted that I was simply not ready yet. And the chosen one came out just then and said he would just take a look and not do anything Jaw dropping or tooth breaking.

Believing, I followed him and stood by that Easy Chair like thingy. I was asked to sit which I did very hesitantly.On the edge, ready to run at the slightest hint of an upcoming dental drill.

The young doctor was amused as it was the first time for him with my appointment. While the other two consultants who have been through this with me in the last two appointments tried their best to concentrate on their clients with a smirk. I am sure they had a bet with this gentleman who was attending on me.

By now I was resigned to fate, and all known prayers in different languages started coming out jumbled.

The climax began..with the young dentist explaining the procedure while I insisted on seeing what goes into my mouth. If he was irritated, he was well trained in the finishing school and never showed it. As for me, I could not care less, my life,safety was a top priority. Never mind a few subtle and many not-so-subtle insults.

I was instructed to lift my left hand in case I felt any discomfort, but I bargained for any hand -knowing my sense of direction especially when in a petrified condition.

I decided to close my eyes and imagine being in a beautiful green meadow.But it never went anywhere beyond closing the eyes with every cling and clang of those tinkering tools. And both my hands were in a state of readiness to be lifted in case of an impending danger.

Fifteen minutes into the jaw-dropping procedure with half closed eyes and hands floating in the air was surprised that there was no pain.

I opened my eyes and saw the young man readying an injection syringe just then explaining that he was inspecting the site for reconstruction all this while, and this was the real beginning.

I lost it then. I needed a bio-break and told him so. He had to let me go knowing fully well I was not going to come back. We had developed such perfect chemistry by then to understand each unspoken word.

I apologised to the lady at the front desk unable to contain my happiness at having escaped this ordeal and asked for another appointment.

I was not surprised that she said " We will let you know ". Time to check out a new dentist .Still have a list of 3-4 of them before I exhaust all of them in the immediate neighbourhood.

I brought this misery upon myself. I promised to myself to be extra careful while devouring Verkadalai urundai,( groundnut chikki's) especially while negotiating it with the crowned side of my mouth.

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