Sunday, November 8, 2015

Story of my Selfie

Let me assure you this is not a condescending post on the Psychology of Selfies. After all, I am no exception when it comes to posting  my best face forward, So!

I am all restraint with a promise not to utter a word about duck face or pout.(Well, at least not in this post.)

I remember the days when lights were switched off to avoid the glare as I stood in front of the mirror in an awkward angle, twisting my arm to the point of breaking it, trying to hold the Kodak camera away from the mirror to click a picture.

Only they turned out quite "selfless" as I would be nowhere in the final picture.

Kids these days just do not know how hard our life was without over-smart  Phones.

And the romantic picture from our honeymoon days - where we turned the camera viewer to face us and clicked a perfect picture.The threat of divorce from DH forbids me from sharing that though I bullied my way into sharing this detail.

Picture this. All the family members take a position and the chosen one to click the button sets the timer and nearly trips over the tripod to join the group just in time for the Felfie? ( Family selfie )

That leads me to the classic scene depicting this in the movie Salangai Oli with the ravishing Jayaprada and my (then) heartthrob Kamal Hassan.

Here is the link to that riveting scene for those of you who haven't watched and for those of you who will be compelled to watch it again.

Only back then they were not called selfies though It has always been part of our egosystem.

Enter the days of Profile and Display pictures. Easily taken care by two enthusiastic tweens who volunteered to take pictures of their mom out of curiosity to handle the gadget, lest you imagine it to be for any other deep consideration.

As I got bored with the PP's and DP's  my  tweens'  curiosity shifted to other gadgets and would turn down my photo shoot requests with apathy.

No amount of cajoling would work. The only option left was to ask my DH. This, despite an album full of pictures with various angles of his left middle and ring finger trying to focus and get my face into the frame.

This arrangement worked for a while amidst high drama and nasty fights. One in a hundred click would yield that picture that I approved while he swears never to be drawn into this ordeal again. And of course, the family was divided with both my offsprings on his side.

We continued to live happily.Not ever after, though.

In one such recent drama that almost culminated in a battle, DH muttered his rhetoric "Last time " and nonchalantly clicked a picture of mine.

Lo and behold! It wasn't his left thumb or index finger this time but turned out to be his selfie!

That defining moment, I decided not to resort to begging, cajoling, bribing anyone for a click.

There is this Tamizh adage " Than kaiye thanakku udavi " which roughly translates to " Rely on your own hands for any help ", or  "Believe in your own Selfie" in modern parlance.

I convinced myself about selfies being legit with context and in moderation.

My family has unanimously decided on a selfie stick as a gift for this progress into selfiedom while they rejoice in their retrieved freedom.