Saturday, September 19, 2015

Face "booked"

"Such a waste of time."
"Wonder how they have so much time?"
"Oh, she is all the time on FB."
"It is such a stupid thing."
"All they do is post selfies."
"Who wants to know what she cooked today ?"
"Vacation  pictures, not again."

Heard any or all of these from folks who are not on FB for whatever reasons best known to them?

To be fair to the FB haters, one has to accept that it is a narcissistic world out there on any social media-particularly FB.

Not any different from our offline life I would think.

On any typical day, FB news feed would tell you that -,
- many people had coffee,
- some had a  headache too with coffee,
- some partied with old friends,
- a few lament about the empty nest syndrome,
- while a handful would wish their children or husband on FB for their milestone birthdays and anniversaries  ( never mind if they happen to live under the same roof within earshot),
- 3 % of them who are  hungry for more readers  share their blog posts ( no reward for guessing the person here!),
- 10-16 of them sharing 'gyaan' from beloved aunty acid,
- 4 of them trying to get rid of their earworms by letting it out as a status update.
- The rest of them fall prey to FB's mindless prompts and share whatever is on their mind.

As cliched as it may sound, To each his/her own. Can anyone vouch that their off- line life is perfect by staying away from FB? I mean is it devoid of gossip, procrastination, etcetera?

Social media - particularly FB is a necessary advancement in communication and networking while not all of it is evil, though. And no garden is complete without weeds.

While a percentage of posts may be utterly boring, attention-seeking rhetoric, do they even know what a great wealth of knowledge gets shared in meaningful groups and forums on FB right from
Arts, baking, Classical music,Dance forms, English grammar, Food, Gardening,Hindi film songs, Krav Maga defence, Literature,Personal safety, Quilling art, humour ,Poetry..

The list is endless for the seekers while the skimmers lose out by  keeping away.

Personally I have immensely benefitted from my 25k strong gardening group without which my garden wouldn't be.

The Carnatic music forum with a 7k plus membership and online radio with a vintage cutchery on most days sitting in the comfort of your home and home wear, without having to wade through the traffic.
A live concert is real, no doubt. But listening to your favorite artist online, without  the distractions of your neighbour humming, the whiff of jasmine fragrance, or the stunning saree combination of the lady in the third row, fourth seat - is a peace generating experience altogether. And dinner gets done too, alongside.

The old Hindi film song group that is my "go to" page to bring back memories with a lingering smile, where one song leads to another, and I get caught in an ecstatic loop.

The knowledge and awareness gained from pages that work for a cause, be it Waste Management, Child sexual abuse far outweigh the benefits of remaining off-line.

At the cost of sounding preachy I would say it is all about prioritising and time management. Who are we to judge anybody's priorities or time management?

(Exercised my choice to transform a retort into a blog post and share it on Facebook, when I was at the receiving end of one such verdict from a FaceBook hater! ) 

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