Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monkey Mommy !

Markata Bhakti and Marjala Bhakti are two ways of surrendering to God. The Cat and Monkey Theology.

Markata Bhakti or surrender is akin to a Monkey baby holding on to his mother while the mother swings from branch to branch. The baby monkey swings along holding ever so tightly to its mom.

One holds on to God in this type of bhakti.The safety of the baby/devotee is dependent on the baby monkey's /devotees abilities to hang on.

Marjala Bhakti or surrender refers to the mother Cat holding the baby by its neck with its mouth. The baby is taken care of by the mother.This form of bhakti is all about complete surrender.The safety of the baby/devotee rests with the mother/Almighty whose abilities are unquestionable.

Intrigued by this analogy,  extrapolated it to a Mother's role.

I  narrated my thoughts, theology to my children, knowing fully well what was coming. Read on.

Daughter: Amma, are you a Cat or Monkey?

I: You tell me?

Daughter: Monkey when the  decision is ours, and you say  " Face the consequences" and Catty when you say "these are non-negotiable."

A good teacher is someone who becomes progressively unnecessary and so would raise kids on an auto-cruise or  Monkey mode.

The Cat style works best until a certain age when they cannot comprehend or take responsibility for the consequences.

Monkeying around, being Catty - the roles that a mother has to play!

However, I would take on a Cat's guise as a devotee.Complete surrender is certainly an easier option for the believer.

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