Sunday, March 15, 2015

Of Turmeric Threads and Tailor Trauma's ..

Karadaiyaan Nonbu (காரடையான்  நோன்பு )

உருகாத வெண்ணையும்  ஓர் அடையும் செய்து  நோன்பு  நூற்றேன் .
ஒரு  நாளும் என் கணவன் எனை  விட்டு பிரியா வரம் வேண்டும் .

Urugaatha vennayum oradaiyum seithu nonbu nootren
oru naalum en knavan enai vittu piriyaa varam vendum !

That is the transliteration of the prayer we say on this day every year praying for our life partner's health and longevity. Needless to say this is done by women praying for their husbands also called the Savithri viratham .

Legend has it that Savithri wife of Sathyavaan prayed, pleaded with Yama and got back his life . While at it,in the forest she made "mud cakes " and offered it to the gods  to reclaim her husbands'

Typically women make a dish called "adai" -( the jaggery variety almost looks like the mud cake that Savithi made ,according to my brats ) salt and sweet varieties and tie a sacred  thread ,dipped in turmeric around their neck on this day.

Little girls and young unmarried ladies also are drawn into these rituals. I still remember arguing as a child , about having to pray for the longevity of an unknown, non-existent person. We were  convinced by our grandmother that if we did this ritual,we would end up with a very good life partner - husband .

The adai's were tasty and were dished out with a dollop of butter , so it didn't seem like a bad idea at all .

So, we continued to pray for our future husband as little girls -trying to hide the yellow thread inside the Uniform collar . As young unmarried ladies, we continued to fall in line - taking off the thread once we step out of home and wearing it back when we entered  home .

Thankfully we were allowed to drop it off in a plant ( Tulasi , ofcourse !) after 3 days .

In retrospect ,so many years of praying ,however reluctantly, seems  to have paid off  with a DH who not only understands the point of view ,but  appreciates the fact that it is perfectly alright if a wife doesn't  fathom falling at another human's feet , even if it were the husband, the 'boon', that she got after years of praying and gorging the adais with butter while struggling to hide the yellow thread all the while .

So, as a married woman with renewed  faith in this ritual we continue to do what our elders did ..The adais , the prayers and passing on the same logic to our little girls .

Hmm.. If  only there was a similar prayer and ritual that can get us a good tailor and get over tailor trauma's. Sigh. 

Here is my prayer for that boon 

சரியான அளவும் , சிறிதும்  பேரம் பேசாது  கூலியும் கொடுப்பேன்..
ஆடைகளை கூட்டி  குறைக்காமல் ,  என் எடை கூடு முன் தைத்து  கொடுக்கும் தையல் காரர்  வாய்க்க வரம் வேண்டும் !

Transliterated here ..Sariyaana alavum , sirithum beram pesaathu kooliyum kodupen. kooti kuraikaamal aadaigalai ,en  yedai koodumun thaithu kodukkum thaiyal kaarar vaikka varam vendum "

Wondering , which god this must be addressed to and  what 'adai ' to be made .With Butter.



Witty and clever as usual. The adais look so delicious.

Viji Ganesh said...

Thankyou Raji Muthukrishnan. The vella adais came out well for the first time in all these years !

Kantha said...

Whatever the subject, you don't disappoint us Viji....well written as usual!

Viji Ganesh said...

Thankyou Kantha mami it when I see comments from you . Makes me want to write more .

Ranjani said...

Awesome Viji.. Enjoyed reading!

Viji Ganesh said...

Thankyou Ranjani for visiting my blog and your comment .

புவனா முரளி said...

Enjoyed reading this. Ofcourse the visuals too!

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