Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My mother taught me never to lie !

I cannot  say  "It is okay , when it is not "
Crude may be. But that's okay.

I cannot  say " It was not your fault , when actually it was "
Much to everyone's chagrin . But that's not my fault.

I cannot  let go when someone jumps the queue .
'Ue' doesn't jostle up 'Ue' to get into the Q-u-e-u-e ! And So I was taught to always fall in line .

I cannot  move on when I see an atrocity .
So what if affability is not my middle name ?

I cannot agree that chivalry and politeness are synonymous.
Chivalry is condescending . Politeness is comforting.

I cannot  fit myself to moulds formed to  societal norms .
Because my mother taught me never to lie.

( Dedicated to my Children  S & S !)