Monday, April 28, 2014

Positive Terminal

Stepped into mommyhood much later than my peers and have felt a pang when I see my friends' kids already in college and all grown up while I still have to play the boxing referee and pull my kids apart to prevent them from killing each other. 

Not anymore.

Recently one of my friends envied my position and said you will still have your kids staying with you in your sunset years while we face empty nests. What a perspective! 

This has made me terminally positive, indeed.

This is how.

Caressing the dishes to be washed with love and whispering to them how lucky they are to get the direct service of the Queen herself, on days, the domestic help decides to throw a surprise by her unannounced absence.

Seizing the opportunity to read a book while waiting for the Doctor and hoping, at least, two to three people jump the queue. My reaction to such jumping jacks on a typical day would put a street fighter to shame. 

The joys of reading a book without being interrupted by a phone buzz, calling bell, or a war call by the kids - cannot be expressed. 

Ditto with a delayed flight take-offs. 

If you try to look (really hard, I mean) every situation - however worse, does show a positive terminal.



Great attitude.

Viji Ganesh said...

Thank you Raji Muthukrishnan .Very encouraging when you read and leave a comment !