Friday, February 14, 2014

Pattu paati and purple pottu !

My paternal grandmom . Pattu patti to her 21 grand children and 25 great grand children !

Feb 10th 2014 as she moves over to a new life at 95...

The one thing that strikes me about her is her love for life and undying  enthusiasm . I can never remember her sulking or being  depressed , tired ever . Always in high spirits and so full of life .
I am trying  to emulate  her attitude towards her children .. any child for that matter  . She has never ever - believe me- not even once  scolded or chided or yelled at her children .

And there were 13 of them ! Not to speak of  the limited means and spartan lifestyles those days .

That singularly makes her a remarkable human being in my eyes .

The list is endless ...

Ears that not only  loved  music , but which  came with a pair of hands that could notate any song on the harmonium  with ease.

Eyes that are now ready to give vision to somebody which were very sharp and would notice even the slightest change in anyone /anything . The pair which challenged the family to keep up the steady supply of reading material for her  till the end !

And her stunning memory - she would  remember all the 59+ family  members' birth days , Aniversary dates .

Have never heard her crib about anything . Nor has she ever longed for anything material , clothes or any thing else at all.

Her impeccable grammar and fluency in English ,thanks to her early education in Ewarts Convent and  polished over the years by reading The Hindu religiously- every single day .

She made the best Rasam in this universe . And the family still tries very hard to replicate her signature dishes like the Pulima upma , Thavalai adai , pidi kozhakattai .

Feel so nostalgic about lazy summer afternoons when she would hand out adi rasam with rice and  nallenai to a whole bunch of us sitting around her . ..Precious moments and memories . The taste still lingers on and so does her  affection ..

A very Stylish person indeed , who adorned the purple colour pottu on her forehead for years when the rest of the world still believed in maroon colour. She looked regal with such minimal adornments and her genuine captivating smile .

Special in every way -who moved over to the other world on a very special day Bheeshma ekadesi !

Not the one to be mourned for sure . So here I am ,Celebrating her life ...cud chewing on Valentine's day .

We will continue to love you paati !

Here is a fond recollection of memories about my paati by my sister on this day when the family got together for her first aniversary in the other world ,,


Radha said...

Such a loving tribute Viji. My grandmother too died on Bheeshma Ekadasi in 1993. I still miss her with all my heart. It is as if the gap can never be filled. But memories of her are sweet and we can now talk about her without the deep sorrow that we had for many years after 1993.

Viji Ganesh said...

Yes , Radha ..Know how you feel.

sridharan said...

You had poured what was lingering in my mind .

would like to make a special mention about Kadala Maavu kari in our home known as pattu patti kari and the other one Tomato subji which is also termed as pattu pati sabji
She is my adopted mother ..
I had been addressing her as Amma from the day I entered her family. what else to say

Viji Ganesh said...

Ofcourse Athimber, She was your amma too !I do remember her yet another signature dish -The kadala maavu kari -from her Nagpur days ..!