Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maavadu Mahathmiyam

Almost jumped out of my vehicle when I saw a cartwala with what looked like  Maavadu . The feeling was akin to God at your doorsteps .Not that I am familiar with  the god-at-your-doorstep feeling . But am sure if and when god knocks at my door it will feel like the first sight of  the much awaited Maavadu coming your way along with  all else summer has to offer .

Tantalising , tell-tale signs of  the onset of  summer with Tender baby mango ..The English clinical translation  just doesnt do justice to this small wonder .Lacks soul. So I will stick to its vernacular name .

 Maavadu .

Doesnt that very name conjure up happy moments from Childhood summer days and Thayir saadam ?
My  entire house is filled with its  intoxicating smell...

This is my maiden attempt at picking and pickling Maavadu . All these years , I was of the opinion that making of maavadu was very close to Rocket science. Probably the out of the world taste.
What a wasted life .

Making of  Maavadu :

Can it be so simple ? Something that tastes so great ? Was  I was missing something major? Checked with Meenakshi ammal . Googled. Clarified with experts in cooking who also happen to be my friends .

The right sized Mangoes seemed to be the only major ingredient ..The rest of it was available even in a much disorganised , dysfunctional kitchen like mine .

 Am not a 5ml, 20gm , half of two and a quarter litre person .. nor  a believer in "what gets measured ,gets done "  .  So it is always a km for me. ( Kuthu Mathippu ). Blame it on decades of Madras autofare  influence .

While I believe thats a thing of the past I continue to lead my life on km basis .

It was like meditation -the picking , washing , draining , drying , oil bath for the Mangoes (!) and finally spicing it up . Karma yoga of sorts . Enjoyed the process  thoroughly .

Nirvana is just a few days away when these beauties start swimming in the salty waters .

As simple as that . Yet great and grand in taste and looks .

So, there emerges my pickle and a  phillosophy

Some of the greatest things are often as simple as Maavadu -The mother of all Pickles, though their grandeur belies it .

Pillayar made out of turmeric paste

A single mud Diya lit with oil

A bird's nest made with just twigs and leaves

A line sketch of bald head and round spectacle frame -  Gandhiji to all of us !

The look and feel of a crisp cotton saree

The toothless grin of a child at you

Tall glass of Buttermilk with just salt

Thanks to all this gyaan and inspiration by Maavadu , ended up with pickled  jars of Lemon , Maanga inji and Neer Nellikai . Feeling Rich. And the family loves it .

All of them as simple as that . And hardly-a-recipe. Just my kind .

DH quite worried by this strange and sudden kitchen activity quipped .." you okay ? want to get back to work ? "  (Worried that  I am going through a depression .ROTFL .)

It is just March madness . Wait till April when I give up all cooking and  binge on mangoes and more mangoes as a family .


Radha said...

wow... great looking maavadhus. please reserve some for the NRIs.


I am sure the maavadus are as good as your post.


Lovely write up. The making itself had brought you so much of joy, how would it be if you share with others? wouldn't be an ultimate Bliss? :p

Nalini Padmanabhan said...

Your maavadus are so alluring, that I can't wait to go to Mylapore South Mada Street.. Auto fares not withstanding! But it was your imaginative write up which has made the maavadus even more yummy!

Nalini Padmanabhan said...

Tempting Maavadus..! But even more alluring is your write up

Singapore Chettinad Recipes said...

Can you please share the recipe for Mavadu injji as well, thanks.

Viji Ganesh said...

Thankyou Raji Muthukrishnan, Radhu, Meenakshi and Nalini for reading and leaving a comment too.
Singapore Chettinad Recipes
- not sure what you mean by maavadu inji ..Manga inji ?

Singapore Chettinad Recipes said...

Yes, Manga inji

Viji Ganesh said...

I just slice them after peeling the skin ,into discs and soak them in lime juice ,salt and cut green chillies.

Singapore Chettinad Recipes said...

Thank you