Friday, October 25, 2013

Glue-Me day !

That wasn't a typo in describing  Bangalore weather . It was a Perfect evening  , or so I thought listening  to MDR's Kedaram. Dinner done .

Heard a loud cry from my daughter and instinctively knew that it was time for our bi-annual visit to the emergency ward.

We are all so good at combat operations .Its amazing the precision with which we get ready . My son automatically takes on the role of the officer-in-command. He picked up the house keys and asked me to check if I had enough money , and was already near the lift while I picked up my purse and took my daughter along .

See, told you I am not an FB addict . Didn't update my status message and headed straight out.

All this happens without much talking . You have to hear it to believe it .

Now , for the details ! We as a family ,by default are the chosen candidates for one -in-a -million freak occurrences . So was this "glue-me" day ! Shakti squirted feviquik straight into her eyes while trying to close it . And that was it . She was screaming with pain and her eyelids got stuck with the glue forming a thick solid layer outside and a few drops inside which made her scream .My poor baby ..she was  such an angel after that till we met an ophthalmologist 3 hours after the incident.. all the while chanting our Buddhist prayer and asking me questions for which I wish I knew the answer .

Will I be able to see again ?
Will they operate my eye ?
Will I ever be able to open my eyes ?
Ma, you say everything happens for good what good is there in this ? Before I could say anything she spat out " don't say some bigger crisis is averted " .Sigh.

Over the years have learnt that you don't need to really answer  all their questions ..a hug is enough .

While I tried to wash it off with tap water , amidst her cries ,she instructed me to use warm water to loosen up the glue as cold water will make it solidify fast . It never occurred to me . Which is why at times like this I simply follow them and behave like a good soldier .

One of our neighbours  who saw the panicky lot asked if we needed any help. And without hesitating for even  a second, requested him to rush us to the nearest hospital . God bless this good Samaritan as I thought and asked his name ..Anton. Still amazed at why I thought of him as a "good Samaritan ".
That was like god's message that everything was going to be alright.

While my angel kept calm she  was crying with pain ...Sashvat and I urged her to cry more and were looking at her eyes to see if tears flowed out of that eye ...Not for a very long time ..and while waiting at the doc's saw the first drop of tear trickling out of that eye . Have never been so happy to see my daughter cry .

The opthalmologist who had just gone home  after duty came back all the way 45 minutes ..after what felt like 2 hours .

He was so composed and so good with the child and I  thanked god silently again . Without realizing the doctors presence my daughter with her eyes closed asked me , " Ma,  make sure he is MD and not just MBBS " ..Ah ..what a "sticky "situation I got myself into .
Wished  the earth could cave in and swallow me !
And if looks could kill , my DH's looks my way could have killed me -for teaching all wrong things to Children . LOL !

The handsome doctor had a nice wide grin and took it in his stride ..while we were at our silliest best .
A very efficient doctor indeed who  kept chatting with her as he trimmed her lashes albeit without warning her . She just got up and said "are you cutting my lashes ? will they grow back ?"
Role change . The doctor became ' patient ' now . 'Verb"ally !

And apologized for not telling her beforehand . She loved that gesture and started co-operating .
We were signaled to be quiet and be ready for something big ..and then he just pulled apart her eye-lids with his two hands .. She shrieked . The most painful moment for all of us .

Now with her eyes open and blood shod was difficult for him to continue the procedure ..She just wouldn't let him do anything leave alone taking out the glue from inside her eyes with tiny forceps ..

Agonising moments for all of us .All over . It is two days now and vision restored ,for my glue girl !

The conversation back home by the crazy bunch !

Shakthi : I wish he would trim the lashes of my right eye too, so that they will grow to the same length .

Sashvat : You are so lucky , I 've never been to an emergency ward.

Me: I am emotionally and physically drained out . I don't want to hear anything about the MD /MBBS sticky situation . Everyone knew whom it was addressed to .

DH : The silent pillar of strength always !

Have to confess. All this happened because she wanted to fix my gas lighter holder to the kitchen tile . For ever mercuric guilt meter .

This day will be  Glued to our memory ...while we  continue to live happily with more 'bonding '  !