Tuesday, August 13, 2013

South pause ..

Some where in the world today is still yesterday - International day of the Left handers .

Till we realised our daughters' left orientation , I hadn't paused over the south paw-issue .

Guilty of this .

Our daughter eats , writes with her left and does most of the activities with her left hand . Or atleast tries to , what with most gadgets being made for the 'right' people.

Her frustration with the 'right' scissors makes me deal with some 'wrong ' emotions...

The  health faucet in the toilets ....though we try and get it shifted to the left side at home .

The door knobs , tap movements ..were all struggles till she learnt to do it right .

At the temples ....Sigh.

The priest amidst his chanting will keep saying "valathu " ,valathu" to her and she will look up at me ,helplessly ...

Along with the lord , some 'archanai' in chaste Tambram tamizh willcome my way too, from the priest for not bringing up the children properly and so on and so forth .

Many times I 've tried explaining.  Only to hear more unsolicited advice.

Once a priest assuming the role of a mentor , told her why she should not be using her left hand for taking Prasad etc.. She was about 6 years old and had no inhibitions whatsoever ..And pat came the reply - " But we have health faucets at home " !

What ensued is a much BTDT moment for most of us , with the temple priest lamenting  about how kids these days answer back..and we don't bring them up teaching  temple etiquette etc etc etc..and finally blaming it all on "kali kaalam " .

One of the very very few moments when I used all my will power and restraint to keep my mouth shut .

When will the society learn to differentiate between habits , character and character forming habits ?

She abhors temple visits . If she has no choice, just moves away when the prasad / deepa / Theertham is given out .

"It's okay ma, god will bless me anyway..I dont want that mama to scold me and you also if I stretch my left hand "...

That's not all. The way some mami's and mama's stare at her in disbelief at family functions during lunch and alternate between curious looks at her and accusatory looks at the mother ( ME !) .

After much practice and patience I have perfected the "SO,? " look now after which we share a good chuckle !

While we read up to find out so many celebrities being left handed ..which does help in building better self-worth as they claim to have  sharper brain , artistic talents et al ..

Being "left" out is definitely right for making her strong emotionally and believing in herself .

Awareness . Is the key . Being left is absolutely right . Correcting that could lead to stammering and other emotional problems in children .

This is my bit to spread awareness about left handed ness.

And please don't call them "lefties " .

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