Monday, June 24, 2013

Cookery - "Shows" !

Blame it on my friend who shared her lunch menu casually . " Parangikai Puli Pacahadi " . It Had all the ingredients that suits a "amirthavarshini"  awaiting Bangalore weather .

Ingredients :

Camera . ( Er ..isn't it only fair that a rare event  gets documented ?)
Big lemon sized Imli
8 green chillies
2 red chillies
Mustard seeds
Grated coconut
coconut oil
Diced Yellow ripe pumpkin
Curry leaves
Jaggery ..

Don't forget to add Hing ! ( that was my friend , who sent an SOS msg when she knew I was gonna try her recipe .) My friend who holds the IPR , Patent and copy rights to this recipe coerced me into using jaggery and 8 green chillies .

Boil diced pumpkins in Tamarind juice with Turmeric , salt .
Grind coconut , green chillies , 1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds , curry leaves into a fine paste .
Add to the now boiling Tamarind + pumpkin concoction .
Salt to taste .
Temper with Coconut oil - mustard seeds ,curry leaves and red chillies .
Add rice flour in a sauce form for better consistency .
Add jaggery .

Goes well with Rice and  Adai . Predictably, I tried it with both .

The raw ground mustard which when added to the boiling tamarind gives a heady aroma and a tangy taste .

That was  Parangikai puli Pachadi .

If and When I cook , it shows .


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