Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cud chewing ...

Concert began with  Varmaji ..getting tuned ..Sa ..Pa ..Sa ..and Violinist Shri Vinu giving repartee to that ! Puzzled , packed hall ..was wondering what is in this package ..

Saakaara  -  a rare varnam constructed around Sa  in raga “Swarashtram”  . 
No that’s not a typo ..Swarashtram it is ..which was created by Dr BMK  to mark 25 years of India’s Independence !  Varmaji went on to explain  its nuances and how it compares with Sourashtram – with alien notes . Such a subtle  and sincere  guru vandanam , I thought to myself.  Saakaara
A liberating start indeed !
Quote – Clever people  bring about rains when singing this raga ..and very clever people sing this when it is already pouring –Unquote . That was Varmaji's  usual light hearted banter which took us to the  Oh, so beautiful !  Sudha mayee ..befitting the Bangalore weather .

Time for expressing gratitude to Nadam , samaveda ..and Shankaram . Nada thanum anisham ..shankaram in citta ranjani was so appropriate .

Then came a lovely Yadhukulakhambhoji composed by Shri MDR . Neevalle Daivame irezhu lokamu .. Heard this one for the first time and instantly fell in love with it .  Here is a rendition of the same by none other than the composer .himself ! This is my takeaway from this concert .
That was like a lullaby which had brought about pin drop  silence by now only to be  jolted ( atleast I was !) by an unexpected "Hodi "..from Varmaji ..LOL ! hodi nagaari mela kaiya ..a folksy Dasar krithi in Anandha Bhairavi .  Here is a lesson video of the same .

Time up for the main piece .Lavangi a four note raga , yet another proof of Dr BMk's  creative genius . S..R ..M..D.. Varmaji educated the audience on the intricacies and nuances of this raga without making it into a lec-dem  The mastery in handling this raga and sticking to just the four notes made the audience sit up . The alaap was lovely and so were the rounds of swarams woven into an interesting pattern ..before he burst into the powerful sounding song in praise of Devi-Omkaarakarini . While I enjoyed this main piece immensely really wished  I could understand the technical aspects and grammar of Carnatic music to delve deeper into it . Wonder if skimmers ever become divers .

The " thani " by Dr Ghatam S Karthik and Shri B Harikumar was superb . Their onstage chemistry and vibes adds more music ! Shri Avaneeswaram Vinu's violin accompaniment was impressive too.
Here again lack of technical knowledge  about the laya quotient limits my expression to this simple impression .

It was amazing to see 20 -25 kids in various sizes sitting in rapt attention on the jamakalam with note pads and pencils . (I was not alone for once  !)  The last half hour of the concert was dedicated to the children there . It sure did appeal to the child in all of us with peppy numbers ..Deekshitar's western notes Pankhaja mukha , Chandamamanu joosi vadhama , Sree rama nee namamu jigva gurinji , vara leela gana lola ..and then it was Maharaja Swathi thirunal's Neelambari -Kantha nodu .The concert ended with the lilting thillana in kunthalavarali composed by Dr BMK .
Ah! That was a well spent Saturday evening .



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