Friday, June 21, 2013

A day in the life of a Music Maniac .

Always wake up to a Bihag . Be it An  irakkam varamal with a strong south Indian flavour or a blissful Ajoy Chakraborthy's version which is more like a "Be-hug" ..or a refreshing blend of south and north by Prince Rama Varma - a sweet sounding Smara janaka by the Maharaja of Bihag !

Bihag ..apparently means "walk in the sky " .  Back to  earth only to be with a Lata Mangeshkar's tere sur aur  mere geeth 

This abundance ironically does not satiate ..leaves me  longing for more of  "Ni sa ga ma pa ma ga ma ga" ...So I follow it up with a prescription 1-1-1 ( after and before food , 3 times a day , many times !)

While Behug ( that's what I call her .I know Bihag  is a she ) is my best friend ..I am smitten by Sindu bhairavi  , agitated by Atana and mesmerized by the meends of Maand in   jaathi malli poocharame ..can actually smell it !

That was all for breakfast rounded up with a gm gm " kapi !

Mid morning . More friends from the raga clan turn up to gossip , unwind , crib ...DKP's   Sahana   touches my  soul while MMI's  Kapi narayani  makes me  tap my feet .

Cook, clean , Eat , Nap, Shop , chop, Chat , Gossip , Gallavant , giggle , freelance , BLOG ! , follow bloggers who religiously follow mine , argue  with mom , patch up with sis , HW , projects , bond with in-laws .....where do you think is the time to listen to music ? Sigh.

Am from Venus and exaggeration is my birth right .

That is the list of well intended things that get quarter done , half-done .(Some of them never-done )Wish intentions would magically produce the same results as action .

Tired by now . A veena recital by Prince Rama Varma - Kantha nodu chennu in  Neelambhari being the need of the hour which unwarrantedly pulls me towards so ja Raj kumara  in Jhinjhoti by Saigal Saab  . Cant give up my teenage loyalties enters Mohd Rafi..with his teri aankhon mein  ( is that possible ? LOL given the ,by -now drooping eyelids with sacs below !) And  end up  wishing for a pulsating thaanam in   Panthuvarali  or a Neda nuri Krishnamurthy garu's Appa rama Bhakthi ...for no "appa"rent reason .

How  and when did vasanta kaalam varumo, nilai maarumo  get into my head . OMG !

Reminded of a  Vasanta ..and her cousin Lalitha ( ragas , you silly !) One raga leads to another and I end up listening to Pandit Chaurasia's  Lalit . Topped  it up with Ek shahenshah ne banwaa ke hasin Taj mahal .

This Lalit makes me  so numb and inactive that I  rummage for a nourishingVijay Siva's rendition of   Hamir kalyani with generous "ma'" sprinkled ..  both variety and in succession ! Leaves me  feeling abundant. How did this raga suit a pathos song like beqas pe karam kijiye ? Wonder.

By now it does get a little overwhelming even for "maniacally yours "...So seek salvation in more muzak ! Saranga  .

Sigh. How can I skip Saranga teri yaad mein   Totally get lost in this song is an out of the world experience listening to this .

Thank god for small mercies (a.k.a  Iron wala )which  bring me  back to earth from eternal realms with that calling bell which always plays "ek do teen" .( NO. I am not going to link up that song. ) which touches a very wrong nerve in me . Agitated now .

Calling   a Khambhoji  -to  calm me ..While one of my friends says it jolts her up ! Never you mind to each his / her own rainbow ! Walks in a  Kanada conjuring  up a myriad feelings tagging along a kaleidoscopic Kalyani thru the strains of "Ambarame Thaneere"  ..Who wouldn't wake up to a Kalyani like that !

Chai time .. calls for some Rabindra Sangeeth with no stress of scalar searches .As , Ustaad Vilayaat Khan says , " Aankh bandh karke , Kaan se dekhna " ! No scrambling to find the ragas /scales . Tension free ! So tuned in to the recently learned "Maya Bono biharini " and "Ami chini go chini" ( A Kishore da number ).

Raga, ithi ranjayathi rakthi .. realized that the 'whole' is  much much more than the sum of its parts , so to speak ..The scales did not lead to a known raga ..but had their leanings towards some known ragas ..After all there are only seven notes to infinity !

Aw ! These non raga based songs like so many other in our Indian cinema evoke so much emotion in me and a distinct and varied one at that ..

Serious thought process about Rakhti now ..

While some ragas are classified as rakthi ragas definition it  means "that which pleases and engages the mind " according to Dr Vedavalli . What can we  say about these equally pleasing and engaging tunes ,which however are not based on any raga /scale ?

Isnt this what rakthi is all about ? Should rakthi be associated with ragas with a defined scalar format alone ? What do you call the visceral effect a song or tune creates - if not  rakthi ?
Sigh. Never understood what rakthi was all about ... took solace in my best friend Bihag again.

The intellectual anxiety and urge to pin a song down to its scale /  raga  has been putting so much pressure on listening and enjoying the moment . It is like trying to catch a memorable moment on camera for posterity that one fails to enjoy the moment NOW and HERE.

This understanding of rakthi my own way ..however contrived it may be, hope  will lead to an  intellectual inertia in  guessing ( guessing it is !lol !) the ragas and let me enjoy  the 'whole ' without trying to figure out the sum of its parts !

Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts ! what 's in a name after all ...a Bihag is a Behug is a Behag by whatever name you call it !

Enter kids . This greedy mind doesn't let  switch off the player ..And says "billy billy bayou watch where you go , walking on the quick sand walk slow !" Pat comes the reply ..."but you love me daddy ..." You scatter your toys , make much noise ..but you love me daddy !"

Evening chores drain me of all rakthi and shakthi .Mind wanders towards a meditative Madhuvanthi - Basavanna Vachana -ullavaru shivalaya maduvaru  and meanders to kanda naal mudalai  by TSK who  compels you to listen to his Valaji ..kshana Mathuna  !

Blame it on the Bangalore weather which makes you sneak in a Beethovan or Mozart classic in between the moon rises along with the strains of Chaurasia's Moon Magic....

Game over you think ? Nay , as I  hear the dedicated music group friends  ping me  for a vintage classic concert ! It is lets start at the very beginning !

GN .Thankyou . All said . Back to "Behug" with renewed bonhomie with kids tucked in bed work staring at me scornfully .So More music.. Reason enough to get thru the daily drudgery .Sangatamana samayala vittu sangeetham paada poren !

oru naal podhuma  , I quiz myself ..ofcourse with Balu mama's BGM.. as I make up my mind "just this one song " wondering how I will go about the cutchery of the boiled over milk , the dosas which took a brownie avatar , the once upon a time brass stove tops , the loadful of laundry,and updating the ever growing Hanuman's Tail like -List of things to do .

Thani avarthanam ..Wondering how to make some time for practice to please my ever-so-patient guru ..who says I need to work on my "pa " and "ma" .(  apart from my 'sa', 'ri', 'ga', 'dha' and 'ni', that is !) Though I have a solution to that problem too ! Raag Niroshta without "pa" and "ma" ! I dare say that though !

So much to do little time ..feeling low ..lethargic ..lazy ..need my musical Prozac .

 So back to Bihag !!!!!

Maniacally yours !

PS :  My sample to do list :

google eka krithi ragas
look for SJR lec -dem on vivadi ragas
Songs in Pasupathipriya
Listen to Bhairavi by MDR
TRS pallavis ..
read up posts on navaavarnams
Rafi songs in jhinjhoti
Khamas ...pada varnam.

And so on and so forth !



Sivaguru S. said...

well written.
you can think of converting this to a song like - raagathil siranda..

Viji Ganesh said...

Thank you so much for visiting my page !