Friday, April 19, 2013

Rama Navami ..Maruvam ..maruvam ..

A quaint beautiful Rama Mandira amidst the hustle bustle of Malleshwaram . A well ventilated concert hall with good acoustics and well behaved mikes. A 'sound ' system indeed. Full House ,Wonderful audience, who didn't drag chairs , or sing along (Sometimes I wonder whose concert did I come for .sigh .)
 oh , yes ! No lengthy speeches before or in the middle of the concert !
Peace generating , soul stirring rendition by Varmaji . Life couldn't get  better ! That was the concert yesterday at Vyalikaval Rama Mandira !

The concert started with the  brisk viriboni ata thala varnam by Pacchimiriam Adiyappaya , setting the stage to invoke  lord Ganesha  with a refreshing version of Vatapi ganapatim bhajeham .
Saveri ! Barayya venkataramana  -a Purandaradasa kriti which mentions the Dasavatars . Varmaji on a lighter note  said how  apt the name Saveri is as ‘Sa’ is very close to  ‘Ri’  in this raga unlike say Mayamalavagowla  .. which he briefly illustrated . When said in Tamil it becomes Sa ‘ve ‘ ri !

Then came ..Raminsuvarevarura …  This  lilting melody was further  nourished  by Dr Balamuralikrishna’s  chittaswarams  neatly   rendered  by Varmaji .  True to its name  it was indeed a Su-poshini ! 
The multilingual mélange had the MDR fame Hariyum Haranum Atana with typical MDR touches here and there ..especially at ‘Palitharulvan “!

Then  came  the magnum opus , Gangeya vasana dhara ..It was a beautiful  ,coherent conversation by the foursome in Hamir Kalyani . The raga alaap and swara prastharams were stupendous leaving the  entire place resonating  Hamir kalyani .
Particularly enjoyed the ‘ Thani ‘ by Shri  Harikumar and Shri Giridhar Udupa . Fireworks that caused no smoke or fumes but just colourful glittering sparks !

Shri Avaneeswaram Vinu  was as usual at his best  and rightfully earned  the title ‘mysore mallige ‘ from Varmaji   yesterday  !
Rama rama ena rada  brought us back to reality to be followed by Shri Rama namam maruvam maruvam ..The audience were literally   spellbound  by Varmaji’s  “mounam, mounam “ ! where he and his team mates went  totally silent . There was however a song in the air !

The  concert ended with the evergreen thrillana  in Kadanakuduhalam  by Dr Balamuralikrishna and the lovely yadukula kambhoji Mangalam !
It was  truly  a WOW  moment  when I came out looking for the help who drove us to this place . He  came from the concert hall and grinned sheepishly saying “ I like Balamuralikrishna avaru sangeetham , madam so I sat thru this concert !
That speaks  volumes  about Varmaji's music .



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