Tuesday, December 18, 2012

மாத்தி யோசி (Maathi Yosi !))

My children are truly my inspiration .would they say the same about me ?..I know not ..! But .. They are the reason behind the fluffiest idlis in the world that I make.
Both my children think I am so lucky to be at Home cooking, cutting veggies, grinding, atta kneading and such other messy but memorable chores ..Ask me !!!
It was one such day when they got interested in the clutter on my counter.
S - Amma, what is this?
Me -Rice.
S-why is it in water?
Me-sigh.becos my mother taught me so!
S-What is this then?
S-Patti asked you to put this also in water?
S-what will you do with it ?(wishing ..I didn't have to do anything with it !)
Me-GRIND (ing my teeth )
S-Both ??
Me-What do you want now ??
S-No Ma, will you grind both?
Me-yes ..
S-Together ?
Me-er..mmm. No. One after the other.
S-why can't you grind it together ma ??
Me-Do you want to watch TV?
S-Yes ! with a pulled fist.
As always I fell for their trick. Left me wondering why we have been grinding Rice and Urad dhal separately all these years?
Probably as most recipes dictate that rice  be coarsely ground though my mom always grinds both to a fine paste.
Decided to grind them together.The flip side would be, not able to make idlis.But this versatile dough that is capable of taking several avatars - Day1 Idli; Day 2 Dosa; Day 3 kuzhiappam; Day 4 oothappam and so on will surely not go waste.
A job well done. Resulted in a well-fermented dough.i or Dosa ? Tried Idlis and waited anxiously only to  realise 7 minutes is long enough to clean up the kitchen. I should try doing it everyday !
And I dished out the fluffiest Idlis in my life ..The khushboo kinds .
The entire day went in announcing the tedium coming to a GRINDING HALT .
Another source of my inspirations is sheer laziness, and that gave way to the idea of soaking the ingredients in the grinder overnight. That's not all ..I let it ferment in the grinder ..salvation comes before actually making them.
It Just took a few idlis to convince my mother and sister ...on this new discovery ..Preparing the idli dough has never been this delightful .

Fluffy Idlis apart ..I learnt the மாத்தி யோசி concept through my children ..

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