Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookery shows !

It was one of those days when all work , routines had to be put aside as Sashvat was not keeping well enough to attend school ..Both of us were bored and decided to watch TV for sometime and surfed for cookery shows which are our all time favorite ! Infact the only thing where there is consensus !
Sure enough there was this maami on Raj TV demonstrating in chaste tambram tamizh the nuances of Oma kuzhambu ! Sounded interesting and looked delicious ..( lunch time !) and resembled vetha kozhambu ..first cousin ..once removed types !
Sashu threw a challenge at me .." amma , enna panna poriya ?" ..I sure did take on the challenge with the little one guiding me and reminding me of every ingredient ...( amma , remember what that aunty said ..dont over do the omam bit !!)
MMmmm..turned out quite nice especially with the appalam bits in almost every bite !
Though "Yukk" was Sashvat's reaction !

Quick recipe :
Same as vetha kozhambu except ..you add 1 tablespoon of omam along with the tadka , a little bit of dhaniya and zeera powder . And yes ..dont forget to add the special ingredient -broken pieces of ulundu appalam along with the tadka..The pieces in every morsel of hot rice ..are divine !

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