Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheedai Vedi ..Patent pending !

Sarvam Krishnaarpanam !

Was enjoying the Lovely late monsoon at Hyderabad ..while enduring the viral infections that come free with it . Decided on a low key Krishna Jayanti till one of my friends touched a very sensitive nerve in me, by wondering about my cheedai and murukku pics ..and that too on FB !

Team S & S shortlisted "thatai" , "uppu Cheedai " , and Mysorepak !
Started  ambitiously with the thattai . True to its name it  fell flat - soft and fluffy (more like poori's second cousin ) Never the one to give up,moved over to Project "uppu cheedai ".

Having made the round balls , heated up oil while S & S ran out of the kitchen beckoned by Doraemon. The cute , innocent cheedai balls when slipped into the oil looked perfect, till I heard a loud "'Dhoom" ! Before I could figure out the source of the "Dhoom" there went "dhoom 2 " !
I let out such horrible screams myself with every "dhoom" .

What followed was a "saravedi" of sorts ! Realised it was the cute , innocent looking hand grenades that we as a family rolled ,that I so lovingly slipped into the oil which was now all over. 
Cheedai ,cheedai everywhere not a single one in the pan ! 

By now S & S were screaming for me to come out ,which is when it dawned on me to switch off the gas and run out of the kitchen. Phew ! I always thought vella cheedai as the villain as it  spreads out like a giant squid in oil . Looks indeed are deceptive !

Once I was out and safe my daughter  made sure I was okay and said " sorry ma , I love you ma , don't mistake me ma ,but it was so funny to see you and hear you scream after every Dhoom ! "and she went ROTFL ... (takes after my side of the family .)

She went on to narrate this to my mom too amidst her giggles ..Can't really Blame her. As this giggling fit is due to a a genetic disorder that runs in our family. All my close friends and family will vouch for it !! Especially when someone trips and falls (includes self , my own children ) it triggers a giggling fit in me ! In fact I owe my 15 years of marriage to my sister-in-law who after the 3rd day of my marriage just pulled me into another room sensing the impending danger of my giggle burst when none other than my m-i-l tripped ..! My own children think I am the "crueleessst" mother who could giggle when her own children trip and fall ! Can't help ! It is a disease of mine that others suffer from .

I actually help the victims after I am done giggling .

My mom wondered how I could even think of attempting to make cheedai with children around. Well ,this opinion of hers was not part of the recipe which I confirmed with her just before project uppu cheedai .Too bad !

Aw ! Then came the worst part - Cleaning .Called up my sister thinking she would take the cue , offer to come over and help me. Hard luck ! But she gave me such a gem of a suggestion to clean up the oil mess on the floor.

Sprinkle generous amounts of gram flour on the floor and sweep it off . Any guesses on how she knew the perfect recipe for a "cheedai vedi " clean up ?! If you don't ask questions , you won't hear lies !

We let go of Basil and Basumati. Not any more .My very own "Cheedai vedi " ..Patent pending ! 2011 Diwali release !

Here are a few tips :

1. After slipping the cheedai balls into the oil run away to the nearest exit

2. Include 1/2 a kg of gram flour in the ingredients for post production effects ( Oil clean up)

3. Have a heavy lid with handle ready to cover up the pan incase you hear a "dhoom" ( imagine women making cheedai armed with a "kedayam" in one hand and a long "karandi " on the other !!)

4. Incase the lid also goes up ..pretend you are demonstrating a science experiment ! Rocket launch.

5. self-reliance is old fashioned ..what you cannot do efficiently - buy-out / outsource / import !

6.Tip from my son  : Have a remote control for the Gas stove .

7.My daughters's rejoinder : Keep the remote control out of the kitchen or carry it with you when you run out !!!

 Oh Yes ! The Mysorepak was a success after all that !




Lovely piece. Your sense of humour and ability to laugh at yourself in such situations is a better gift than the ability to roll out perfect cheedais.
Next year, just buy them and enjoy yourself.
Great writing.

Viji Ganesh said...

Thank you Raji Muthukrishnan.!