Tuesday, November 13, 2012

51 Things my children can never comprehend ...and may be more

While there are hundreds of things that one  can list which are there now that never existed when we were young ,here are a few things which existed then which can never ever come back.

      1.    2.90  and 5 rupees  tickets in cinemas .

2.    5 paise nutrine chocolates –which had no chocolate in them !

3.    Stick  Ice cream –the milky creamy one and what value for money just 10paise !

4.    Ambuli mama ! Ananda Vikatan ..kumudham ..

5.    Walking 2-3 kms  to visit somebody ..

6.    Waking up to the sounds of  “sarrak sarrak “sweeping and sprinkling of (saani !) water for the kolam .and the feeling  of All is well ..that comes with it .

7.    New clothes only for Birthday and Deepavali !

8.    Hand- me- down school books .(bound !!).

9.    Treat means  jaggery and groundnuts and were we happy ! ( a very North Arcot treat though !)

10.  PTC bus journeys to school and back ..

11.  Black and white Dyanora  TV and oliyum oliyum , Chitrahaar , vayalum vaazhvum…kanbom karpom …

12.  Sunday Tv movies (with lights off! LoL ) and one or two neighbours without TV who come to watch ! Simple home theatres !

13.  Black colour Tring Tring Phone  Or simply the lack of it  !

14.  Milk bottles at door steps morning and evening with aluminium foil caps ! Amazing logistics and distribution system …!

15.  Playing Cricket on the road and coming home to only eat and sleep !

16.  Mid term tests , Quarterly exams , Half-yearly exams and Annual exams ..Marks and Ranks !

17.  50- 60 class mates !

18.  TV antenna !

19.  Yellow cloth bag with the store name printed in red !

20.  Gold spot !

21.  Dollar biscuits ..

22.  Animal shaped biscuits..

23.  Binaca miniature toy animals ..binaca geeth mala !

24.  Balloons from BATA.I remember being more excited about the ballons than the boring sandals !

25.  Vividh bharathi … Radio Ceylon ..Arangisai …and ofcourse  Nilaya vidwan !

     26.  Black push up switches for light s and Fan ..the only electrical gadget at Home those            days !

27.  Ribbons for the rettai pinnal !

28.  The roughage on coconuts used as the only scrub for washing utensils..How eco-friendly we were ..amazing !

29.  The news paper “potallams “ at the grocery stores ..can see it even now in Moffusil areas ..

30.  Goli soda ..We searched and searched for it at Kumbakonam this summer but couldn’t find a single one ..apparently they no longer make it that way ..thank god Paneer soda is still available !

31.  “And the ball crosses the rope “!   Radio Cricket Commentary !

32.  Raleigh cycle , Lambrata Scooter . Suvega Mopeds ,JAVA motorbikes and Premier Padmini’s !

33.  Nalla kaalam porakuthu , Nalla Kaalam Porakuthu ..! ( Gudu gudupandi)

34.  Ganga snanam at an eerie hour on Deepavali day .with the most irritating Pi pee pee dum dum .!

35.  The relationship between a pencil and a cassette !

36.  Kamarcut !

37.  One for sorrow ..two for joy ..andangakka ! (ravens ?)

38.  Ezhu kal !

39.  Pallanguzhi …

40.  The sundal collections during navrathri …Record players on two legs with just one thenju ponna ‘Vara veena mruthu paani “ record !

41.  Yelling ..”pongalo , pongal ‘! Seriously ..I have done such amazing alarals  without inhibitions !!!

42.  Early morning koil visits during Margazhi maasam …and the half-yearly exams …

43.  Dhavani !

44.  Kal chatti …adi rasam with nallennai …which  used to be the snack time dish during summer hols  which patti used to so lovingly serve us in our hands while we sat in a circle with a story from Ramayana or Mahabharatha …astonishingly the story would end exactly when the kal chatti became empty every time  !!

45.  Sleeping on coir mats !

46.  One single bathroom / toilet for the entire joint family irrespective of the numbers .Not No 1 / No 2 ..silly !.( wonder just –how did we manage ?)

47.  Mobile post Vans !

48.  Soan papdi wala with the enticing Big glass jar  covered with a red mul-mul and the inviting chime ..! We used to call it ‘Thatha dhadi “ ( I still call it that way ! )

49.  Doing full thoppu karnam  at koil for pillayar ummachi ! ( not the half / qtr /pretend sit-ups like it is done now ..)

50.  Studying in the mottai maadi for exams …( I mean also studying !)

51.  Looking up at the sky when an aeroplane flies over ..( mm..I still do it ..)

 With contributions from DH here and there !

 Memories pressed between the pages of my mind
 Memories sweetened thru the ages just like wine,
 Memories, memories, sweet memories - Elvis Presley ..

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