Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sandy , Goldy and Pippo...

As  children, we never had this yearning to have a pet like my children do, probably due to the fact that we had all the ingredients to create a mini zoo at home except, a Lion and an Elephant. While lizards used to live a shameless life in our bathrooms and cockroaches had their own free will and flights all over the house .. I am terrified of the flying squad of the cockroaches ! Not anymore and ever since Sashvat proved his skills at catching them alive from his 2nd year onwards . And just in case , hey die we have a separate collectors  box for them !
We had our friendly Jimmy the street dog which used to come exactly at meal times and took on the role of an escort , running up to Trinity bus stop and wait till we board the bus to college ..And yes there was no dearth of cats who were literally ours !
Understand  why my children feel a vacuum in their life ..which is why we give in to their " Amma , I have a surprise for you " while they  pull out an insect or two .
That's how we gave in to the 'partners in crime " , and ended up buying 4 gold fishes ...
Since they all looked alike ..we could not name them .What I most dread about Fishes at home  happened .. one of them died. This is one thing I cant digest ..the sight of a dead fish .But S & S didn't want to believe it was all over and wanted to wait and started chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo " !! while I was happy about their faith in prayers  also wondered how to make them come to terms with reality .
As growing up children ,death was dealt as commonly  as births and we were never protected superficially from seeing a funeral procession or a dead body ..It was  nevertheless a significantly different event from most other events in life .  We had that clarity growing up but cant say that about our kids as they are not exposed to such adversities unless it is a close family member . Set me thinking on how to make them accept the first loss of theirs in an objective way . It always happens to me that when I am searching for an answer sincerely I get it from somewhere out of the blue ,and this time too ! Speaking tree had this message about death ..
"If you have loved someone enough and shown care while alive then you will not have regrets when someone dies "
It really made sense to me and appeared convincing . When I quizzed the children on whether they loved the fish enough and showed good care till its death the reply was in the affirmative . And I just left it with a"So..let us say a happy goodbye." Think they got it or at least I would like to believe so as no further interrogations happened .But the elaborate arrangements began .They decided to name it on death ..Sandy ...Becos it went to sand ! with full honours -white bougainvillea (mothers flower for protection ) and our trusted Buddhist chant Nam myoho renge kyo ...
Rest In Pictures ! Below ..

And that is Goldy a real survivor nearly a year old with us ! Continues to get enough love and care .while alive and swimming !.Being lesson #2 learnt from death ...
Children tend to extrapolate .....with that hope I felt it wasn't a bad idea, after all ,having a Fishbowl at home .
Then comes Pippo into our lives ...a just born sparrow which had fallen off its nest .

Sashvat came back home with this surprise  two days back . Their rehearsed lines (sashvat and shakti ) "Amma , you always wanted a third child no ma, please can we keep Pippo as our brother or sister ( not having figured out Pippos gender ) please ma .."and when I asked if it was a pup with a horrified look , they both gleamed and pulled out a Sparrow from behind and said " Its only a sparrow ma , easy to maintain '! Had no say or choice in this too .. And actually I liked Pippo a lot ..While I let them have it as of now planning to leave it back with its clan after Appa gets a chance to see it . Yes , the day Pippo flew in Appa conveniently flew out on work ..leaving it for me to handle - all alone .
And the last two days have been really hectic ..when we couldnt find Pippo for a while when we had gone out ..and found him nuzzled up to the floor cushions ..he was being fed a humble mashed rice and milk , bread crumbs , atta and water ..till Sashvat googled and found out we needed worms ! But when I said it will be a vegetarian in this house , he left angrily .
He decided to mash up some black ants and fed that with tooth picks ( shakthi's idea !) and sure Pippo relished her first sensible meal . When i asked Sashvat if it was right to kill the ants ..he convinced me saying food-chain , eco -system..etc etc mmm..
Started my lessons with them on this ..
#3  If you really love someone you must do what they want and not what you like ..even if it is out of  abundant love ..

Do you hear Pippo saying , "ouch , too much love hurts "...