Friday, March 9, 2007

kadhai kadhaiyaam

Like all mothers' minds mine too is doing overtime these days was one of those days when i was just too tired to start a story -(an unending one always )..I hit upon this great idea (pat pat !) of giving my children a topic and asking them to narrate a story for mommy !

The topic given to my son was "fan "and the story goes thus :

"there are two kinds of fans .one white color and other brown . brown ones are always exhaust .there is a motor which goes round and round .the wings of the fan are traingle .and the motor goes round when the security on's the generator.!"

The topic for he next story was chosen by my son -"coins "

" once there was a boy .he had coins .he put all coins in the bag .and the bag ateup all the coins .the boy was shocked !"

Mani rathnam in the making ??!!

1 comment:

Jyotsna said...

Nice story about the fan.
Brings us to think about what kids observe...and how!!