Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Most confused thing on two legs !

The most confused thing on two legs - I grudgingly admit is the best description of myself. The credit goes to my brother for summing me up thus!
Faithful to that definition, I always have a minimum of two opinions on just about anything.
Wonder if it is the case with everyone else or they just are good at camouflaging their confusion during the process of getting clarity?
I think it is okay to have more than one opinion on any issue before narrowing it down to one. No, wait. Some people are so bright and just would not budge from their initial impression or opinion. And some of them don't even have an opinion on anything.
Confusing, No?
This blog is about all my confusions and several opinions on a single issue.
I have no qualms accepting it.
I dedicate this blog to my children with a sincere wish and prayer that they would someday read this and understand the life and times of their parents and their childhood years.
It will also help me keep up the promise to be there for them always and forever.

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